Hashtaging Hastings?

Recently, I attended one of the cultural planning meetings for Hastings County.  It was a great discussion, with some great people, and some great ideas and opportunities came forward.  Some other things became increasingly apparent.  So I thought I would write a quick blog post and get those creative juices flowin!

I am so excited with all the fantastic things that have been happening in Hastings County that are right in tune with the new Cultural Plan, and with all of our economic development.  The Creative Hastings Events, the Arts Route, packaging workshops, and more!  We are right on track to be a premiere ranked tourist destination!

I am also excited by all the live theatre and performance that has been thriving in the region.  From the Stirling Festival, to The Classic Theatre Festival in Perth, and the Elvis Festival in Tweed, we are quickly becoming a hub of live performance, and that is only going to grow!  We are in fantastic shape.

This year we are striving to have our most successful season in IANA’s history and we are right on track to reach that goal.  We have a fantastic season lined up in Tweed and across the province, and I’m very excited to continue our improvements to the Marble Church Arts Centre, and to continue to build our relationships in the community.

Now, really, this is only a very small portion of things that are happening in Hastings County.  Our county has been blowing up the press lately, winning awards, and gaining recognition across the country.  So let’s help spread the word about this great region!  Spread this post, check out www.ontariohighlands.ca to find out everything that’s happening in the region, tweet about something great that you know from the area, and get social!

My great hope is that everyone in the region will get on social media, start tweeting and blogging, and help get the word out about this fantastic tourist draw.  If you’re a local cultural enthusiast and your on the TWITTER, or the Facebook, drop us a line, and lets connect!

If you’re one of those people who has never been to Hastings County, then come on out this season, check out a show, buy some antiques, see some art, get some cheese, check out a farmers market, head to a winery, go kayaking, go golfing, go fishing, the list is endless!!!  Check us out today!!!  We look forward to your visit, and we’ll see you at the show!!!