Excited about theatre!!

I’m excited about theatre!  More specifically, there are several shows playing right now, and coming in the near future that I am incredibly excited for.  Yay!!!

I am getting back into Toronto for a few days on Sunday, and one of the first things on my list is to check out three great shows that are running there right now.  First, I have been dying to see MARY POPPINS.  It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a big broadway show, and I have only heard good things.  Not to mention the fact that I get to see several friends in the show, as a large part of this American tour cast is actually Canadian!  Go Canadian talent!  Next on my Toronto hit list is TWO PIANOS FOUR HANDS.  This original Canadian Musical has been one of the most successful across the continent, and I have never had the opportunity to see it.  Luckily the current production with original cast members got extended, so I will be able to catch it while I am there, or if not, when I am back again later.  Congrats to Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt on this huge success.  And last but definitely not least will be Soulpepper’s (My favorite company in the city) production of PARFUMERIE. Who can resist the theatrical charms of Oliver Dennis?  Certainly not me, and certainly not my partner in crime who shall remain nameless.  Wink Wink.

Then it’s back to Hastings County for PANTO TIME!!  To start it off mom and I will be hitting up the Stirling Festival’s production of PUSS IN BOOTS followed closely by the brilliant Caroline Smith’s PANTO OF THE OPERA.  Naughty Panto has become a personal tradition of mine (And of most everyone else in the Quinte Region) and I can’t wait for these two apparently terrific offerings.

Then, in the new year, something I’m really excited for…WAR HORSE!!  I honestly can’t wait for this show.  I look at the brochure every day.  Haha.  I am becoming mildly obsessed.  But I’m okay with it.  And to top it all off (And most likely a large part of the reason I am so excited) is the entire Canadian Cast.  Amazing.  Can’t wait.

And then of course, I am so excited for IANA’s upcoming season!  It’s going to be a really amazing year, and I can’t wait to get down to business!!  Woohoo!

Now, the very last piece of theatre I am excited about, is happening within mere hours!  IANA’s traveling office is in Brockville for the day, and tonight, I will be attending the St. Lawrence College Musical Theatre Performance Program’s production of GREASE! (My old alma mater).  I haven’t seen one of their productions for two years now, and after getting a little taste of their Grease at the Premier’s awards, I am very excited to see the full production.  Go college!

And now I guess it’s time to get back to work.  So, if you’re looking for something to do in the coming months, go and check out one of these amazing productions, and maybe I’ll see you there!

Have Fun!



YAY Canadian Musical Theatre!!!

I am very inspired, excited and happy right now.  Tonight, myself and general manager Emily Mewett went to see RIDE THE CYCLONE, and we absolutely loved it!  What an incredible show, incredible performances, and terrific staging.  Even with all the huge hype, and great press, the show totally lived up to its great reputation.  It is so exciting to see a great new show, and more than that to know that it is getting the respect and attention it deserves.  My only question is, WHY ISN’T IT RUNNING FOREVER?  Maybe there are forces behind the scenes, or things we don’t yet know about, but when a show this good comes along, that sold out its run, still has a huge demand for tickets, and is this good, why don’t we sit it down in a downtown theatre??  Eh Canada?  WHY!  I, for one, want to go again, my roommates and friends all want to go see it, and I’m sure countless strangers are dying for it as well, so why are we depriving them of the pleasure?  Get more people out to see live theatre in the city.  This show is good enough to go for a long time, and I am very sad to see it go.  And if it does come back, I recommend that everyone go and see it, and have a fantastic night!  Good luck RIDE THE CYCLONE, hope to see you again soon!!!